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Imagine IF …

My name’s Maggie and I am the owner of Make Believe Kingston and Bracknell. I have had the pleasure of working for Make Believe since 2014. Originally I was just a parent who attended Make Believe Ealing for my daughter – Julia.

My daughter stands by Make Believe as the school that helped her improve her theatre skills and confidence and would be talking about Make Believe all week until her next lesson.
Watching her attend the Make Believe school and seeing her follow her dreams gave me a “Imagine if…” moment where I would imagine myself giving other children the same opportunity that she has had.

I am now living my dream of working with children and helping them to further their skills to  achieve their dreams within performing arts. I love connecting with my children from both schools and learning how amazing they are not only within the schools but from their day-to-day life too. I have always been passionate about theatre and watching children enjoy and put their all into the classes each week is such an uplifting time and I hope my parents feel the same too.

I have had the pleasure of meeting such unique and interesting children during my time at Make Believe, it is such an amazing experience seeing those who have disadvantages, no confidence or not believing in themselves perform in front of the whole class and look forward to performing in shows!

We have such a wide variety of talented children attend Make Believe and our aim is to keep them on track and to improve them further by giving them opportunities within the industry and showing them the way forward to becoming whatever they wish to be!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible for me and my children if it wasn’t for Joel who has such passion for Make Believe and gives us so many opportunities to get our children involved in such amazing events!

I look forward to what the future holds for my schools, my children, and my parents and I wish the best for all to keep on growing and improving from what they have learnt from Make Believe and that they get the best possible out of my schools!

Principal of Make Believe Kingston Upon Thames & Bracknell