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We were born on stage

Performing arts has played such a huge part in our lives. We were born to be on stage, born to share our artistic expression and we have grown with an innate feeling of wanting to use this passion to inspire others. It is this connection between our love for performing and our desire to help others fall in love with the arts, that fuelled our want to one day create a place that could achieve this.

We always knew that we’d like to have our own business that represented all the positivity that performing arts brings. We didn’t quite have it all figured out though, always asking ourselves “but where do we even start?” Having had experience working with children as primary school teaching assistants as well as performing arts tutors, the obvious route for us was to continue working with children. Inspiring the youth has always been incredibly fulfilling.

We are people that don’t believe in coincidences and that everything happens for a reason. Therefore it was no coincidence that at the point in our lives where we were searching for the next part of our career journey, we discovered Make Believe. We haven’t looked back since! From day one of meeting Joel and the rest of the team, they have nurtured us on our franchise journey and shown support, compassion and shared their years of business knowledge. It has honestly been one of the most enjoyable experiences that has allowed us to learn so much about ourselves. It has allowed us to step out of our comfort zones and embark on a life-changing journey. We have tapped in to sides of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed! Who knew that we could and would actually become principals of a performing arts business? It’s an incredible feeling knowing that we said we would do it, and now we have.

Here’s to a bright future with Make Believe and helping children fall in love with the arts!