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In a company the size of Make Believe (3000+ students and 150 teachers) it is very hard to single out individuals from the youngsters and their instructors. But sometimes a person knocks on our door and you know as soon as he or she walks into the room that they are something special. Enter Vanessa Bergman who runs Make Believe schools in Edgware, Southgate and Enfield. The truth is that I know Vanessa would be a star franchisee when I appointed her to run one of my

When I started Make Believe from my mother’s front room I would have been happy to work with 20 youngsters in one venue. Twelve years, 50 branches and well over three thousand children later I found myself jumping out of a plane and landing on Sydney Harbour Bridge to launch Make Believe Australia. And what a great feeling that was, the first, tentative step of a worldwide journey to give young people on every continent the opportunity to realise their dreams and aspiring performers to run their

My journey began when I met Joel at an acting convention in London called “Surviving Actors”. I went there just out of curiosity as I had seen it advertised on twitter. When I met Joel, he explained to me what Make Believe was all about and I knew there and then that this was a path I should really consider. I am a working actress auditioning all year round but we all know how difficult it is to find work when we are not acting, right? Have you ever

Recently, I had the privilege of listening to Richard Reed at an event. Richard is co-founder of the Innocent smoothies brand and given the company’s success, he is clearly a guy worth listening to. One of his most interesting ideas was the concept of what he calls PROOFing a company and I’d like to share these ideas with you and demonstrate how we have applied this to Make Believe. PROOF is an acronym made up of the following concepts: P = PEOPLE (I always say people buy people, they don’t

My name’s Maggie and I am the owner of Make Believe Kingston and Bracknell. I have had the pleasure of working for Make Believe since 2014. Originally I was just a parent who attended Make Believe Ealing for my daughter - Julia. My daughter stands by Make Believe as the school that helped her improve her theatre skills and confidence and would be talking about Make Believe all week until her next lesson. Watching her attend the Make Believe school and seeing her follow her dreams gave me a

I’m not a theoretician, I believe strongly in actions speaking louder than words and I have built Make Believe brick by brick through hard work. But I like to listen and absorb ideas from people whose job is to inspire and motivate. One person who has inspired me is the motivational speaker and marketeer   (startwithwhy.com). Sinek’s philosophy is simple and extremely powerful – we know what we do in business and we know how we do it. But we really need to be asking ourselves why we

Performing arts has played such a huge part in our lives. We were born to be on stage, born to share our artistic expression and we have grown with an innate feeling of wanting to use this passion to inspire others. It is this connection between our love for performing and our desire to help others fall in love with the arts, that fuelled our want to one day create a place that could achieve this. We always knew that we’d like to have our own business that

There is a well-worn expression from the arts world that resonates with me – ‘art for art’s sake’. What this means of course is that any kind of art, painting, performing, dancing, singing and acting, has an intrinsic value in its own right. It is not done necessarily for reward or wealth. And that is why some street art is so revered as people with a statement to make and talent to back their creativity produce wonderful work. And among a lot of the online nonsense of

We are so excited to announce that one of our little stars, KIT CRANSTON, will be playing the role of “Mark Getty” in RIDLEY SCOTT’S new feature film, “All The Money In The World” alongside KEVIN SPACEY, MICHELLE WILLIAMS & MARK WAHLBERG! Well done Kit! You should be as proud of yourself as we all are of you. To have such an amazing opportunity at such a young age is something that you should grab with both hands. Make the most of this entire experience and as I