How will you change the world?

A Make Believe franchise offers you the opportunity to run a part-time theatre school, for 48 weeks of the year, on a day of your choosing – not only giving you the chance to own your own business, but to give young people a rewarding education in singing, acting, and dancing. Owning a Make Believe franchise can generate a significant part-time income, so much so, for many of our franchisees, it has become their full-time career!

With our unique business model, you don’t need to make a large investment to take charge of your own theatre school, meaning you can have the career you’ve always dreamed of, and we get to work with the very best people for the job!

So if you’re ambitious, committed and driven to making it work, with a passion for the arts – get in contact, we want you!


Our franchisees choose us because we offer a unique approach and an exciting product that makes it easy to attract students to join our schools. But what does franchising actually mean?


An established name, extensive training, and an industry-leading business model. Why wouldn’t you choose Make Believe? Click below to find out more now.


First and foremost, we are looking for people with experience working with children/ young people, who are passionate about creating an environment where our students can thrive.


From our first meeting to participating in our extensive training programme, our franchisee application process helps both of us decide whether a Make Believe franchise is right for you.

Franchising Explained


At Make Believe, we recruit people who will create an environment in which our students will enjoy and thrive from their Make Believe experience.
For us, it’s about placing the responsibility for the day to day operations of our franchised schools in capable hands – then working in collaboration with our franchisees to grow together.

For you, it’s about a unique opportunity to start a business while enjoying our excellent framework of support, and letting your flair, passion and creativity take your school to great heights.

For those who are ambitious, committed and driven to making it work, with a passion for the arts –owning a franchise with Make Believe is the perfect way to own a business – but never work alone. With 14 years of proven experience, we will support you on your journey to success.

Why Make Believe?


  • Rewarding, flexible career – a Make Believe franchise offers you the opportunity to run a part-time theatre school – you choose the day and place.
  • Extensive support program – from marketing to finance, we are always only a phone call away!
  • Regular visits by the Founder/MD and Senior Management Team.
  • Be your own boss – at Make Believe you will be the principle of your own school and reap the rewards of your success.
  • Make believe is more than a preforming arts school, it also runs a successful talent agency, party division and summer camp programme.
  • At Make Believe you will not only enjoy an excellent training program, you will also enjoy our on-going support. We will help you expand your school, reach new audiences and grow your business.

What you’ll need?

Taking on a Make Believe franchise is a long term commitment, which is why we’re so selective – we want to work with the best people for the job! Running a successful theatre school requires a certain set of skills, and while you don’t necessarily need performing arts experience, it is important that you have the ability, passion and drive needed to run your business and your team.

The Process


Think you would make a great Make Believe franchisee? Then it’s time to apply!

First Interview

This first meeting is not only a chance for us to see if you’re a good fit for Make Believe , but to see if you think Make Believe is a good fit for you. Let’s get to know each other!

Your First Make Believe Experience

One of the best things about Make Believe is the chance to be a hands-on business owner. During this stage of the process, you will get to spend time in a Make Believe school, shadowing the principal, accompanied by a senior member of Head Office, who will be able to answer any and all of your questions.

Security Checks

We’ll take responsibility for running a few important checks to make sure you’re eligible to run a Make Believe school.

Own your own business

That’s it, you now own your own Make Believe Theatre School!


We enrol all of our franchisees onto a thorough training programme, to ensure all of our standards are in place, and to provide you with the support you will need to achieve the successes of our other franchisees. The programme includes:

  • A training day at Head Office with the Senior Leadership team, in all areas of the business
  • A supply of brochures, leaflets, teaching & operating manuals as well as welcome packs for students
  • Assistance with sourcing teachers and venues
  • Continuous business and creative support as well as the upgrading of teaching objectives
  • A visit to another Make Believe school
  • Producing your own microsite on the Make Believe website
  • A publicised launch day supported by the founder Joel Kern or a senior member of the Head office team

Franchise FAQs

How do I find out more information?

Please fill out the online enquiry form and a member of the franchising team will get back to you.

What reassurance & support will I get?

At Make Believe, you are never alone! We will provide you with all the support you need, with experts in recruitment, accountancy, marketing, and legal, to help you every step of the way.

What training do I need?

We will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to successfully run your Make Believe branch, with a team of people training you in preparation for your launch.

What are Make Believe looking for in a franchisee?

First and foremost, we are looking for people with experience working with children/ young people, who are passionate about creating an environment where our students can thrive.

I don't have any business experience, is this a problem?

Not at all! Our bespoke systems are simple and easy to use, allowing you to effortlessly manage your business and concentrate instead on reaping the rewards of running a Make Believe branch.

Can I open a Make Believe branch in my town?

If there is an available franchise territory or an existing Make Believe branch for sale, then yes!

Do the schools run during the holidays?

All branches run during standard term times, breaking for Easter, summer and Christmas (no half term break), with Make Believe offering courses/ workshops over the summer.

Applying to become a franchisee

If you’re ready to inspire the next generation of performers, and be part of Make Believe’s ongoing success, then you’re ready to be a Franchisee!

Before you apply, you’ll need to consider whether you have the managerial and personal skills necessary to run a successful business.


Register your interest below!